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Discover the story of Pretzelmaker.

Bite-sized fun.

Full-sized flavor.

From the very beginning, Pretzelmaker has been committed to creating high-quality food that raises the bar. After getting its start in 1991 as a single pretzel stand, Pretzelmaker now boasts over 280 locations in the U.S. and worldwide.

We did not stop at pretzels alone, of course! We’re now best-known as the innovator of Pretzel Bites – bite sized snacks made from scratch each day.

Where the

joy gets made.

We believe food is a sharable experience from our baking to your first bite. This is why we make our Pretzel Bites from scratch each day with a recipe uniquely our own, right down to the dough.

Our hot Pretzel Bites are made from scratch with the freshest ingredients, and you can see our team rolling pretzel dough in all our stores all day, every day.

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As Fresh

as our bites.

Pretzelmaker is all about creating a relatable experience, and this extends to our brand personality. Our core target market is teens, young adults, and moms so our voice should be reflective of those audiences. We strive to be conversational, like friends with a cool sense of humor.

Our vibe is as fresh as our Pretzel Bites. Our social feeds are loaded with appetizing and engaging content to keep our customers craving more. We are witty and playful, and open to poking fun at other brands and even ourselves. Which is all part of our charm!